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CFS Fire Protection, Inc. is a Professional , Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Testing and Certification Services Company specializing in , , , Food Trucks & Concession Stands and for all types of buildings and businesses.

All our Fire Protective and Equipment Servicing Services are provided in accordance with the (NFPA) and the (NAFED), and enforced by the .

CFS Fire Protection, Inc. will always properly place Fire Suppression Systems Equipment, Extinguishers and Fire Protection Inspection Tags on the Equipment, so it is clear when the Fire Protection Inspection was conducted and when it is required again. We of course provide all the (AFP) your Business requires to maintain Fire Code Compliance Certification throughout most of .

We also provide Onsite Live Demonstration to give your staff hands on experience operating the Portable Fire Extinguisher Equipment as well as the proper methods to use and activate & Food Truck Suppression Systems as well as the that can help Protect Your Business!

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Does Your Business Need Fire Protection Services? If it is in a building, Yes, it Does.

CFS Fire Protection, Inc. works with and supports all kinds of Businesses required to have their Extinguishers Inspected and Recharged, Kitchens Systems Maintained, Food Trucks and Concession Stands Certified Fire Code Compliant. It's very likely that we have several and sometimes hundreds of Customers throughout Northern California who are in the same business you are in and we will help keep your business Compliant and Certified Too! Read More About Services for Your Business...

We provide the same Professional Inspection, Testing and Compliance Certification Services to hundreds of Businesses throughout Northern California including multiple Fast Food Chains, Restaurants, Retail Businesses, Apartment Complexes, Office Buildings, Automotive Service Centers, Gas Stations, Salons, Food Trucks and even Concession Stands. This list is large and varied, yet all customers share the same satisfaction, results and confidence in the Services we provide. We always work with Our Customer's Schedules finding the best time to conduct inspections or maintenance on their Extinguishers and Kitchen Suppression Systems.

The feedback we receive clearly shows their appreciation, which is directly reflected in the Customer Service Reviews they provide for us. Below are featured Customers, the type of Business they are in and their Customer Review of the Services we provided them. It is the same Professional Services that we will provide for Your Business. All you have to do is Call (866) 584-3473 for a FREE Consultation and to Schedule Services.

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