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offers a variety of Products promoting First Aid, Fire Safety, Fire Extinguishing and Fire Suppression Systems Equipment and Protection Services. Although we do not display an extensive listing of Products or Equipment, we have have the full compliment of Fire Protective Equipment and Products available directly through our Industry Standard and Brand Name Vendors we work with every day. If it has to do with Fire Protection, First Aid or Safety we can get it for Your Business quickly and at affordable prices.

We do this by resolving current Fire Code Violations and Planning ahead by Designing Effective Fire Suppression Systems or Retrofitting Currently Installed Systems. Yet, the optimal way for a Business Owner to ensure their Business is always Fire Code Compliant is to conduct regularly scheduled Inspections having all their Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems and Equipment Maintained by a Licensed Professional Fire Protection Service like CFS Fire Protection, Inc.

delivers Professional , and all the Services a Business needs to maintain their throughout , down the Coast to Carmel, from Modesto to , up to Redding and east to South Lake Tahoe California. We are optimally established in the surrounding cities of , Cameron Park, Carmichael, , , Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, , , Gold River, Granite Bay, , Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Redding, , , , , , , West Sacramento, Woodland, , and in the Central Valley and Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Walnut Creek in the Bay Area including all the cities in-between. If your Business is located in Northern California, Call (866) 584-3473 to get All Your Fire Protection Service Needs Covered!

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We not only have the Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems Equipment your business needs to get Fire Code Compliant and the Professional Services to keep your business Fire Code Compliant Certified, we also provide several configurations, sizes and specific purpose FIrst Aid Kits, First Aid Equipment and First Aid Kit Restock Supplies as well as items like the Cabinets to protect and securely hold the First Aid Kits and Equipment until they are needed. Just give us a Call (866) 584-3473 to let us know what you need and we will reach out to our Partner Distributorships to find the System, Part or Accessory you need to get your Business Up, Running and Fire Code Compliant!

Remember that we offer Fire Safety and Basic First Aid Training Courses Just give us a Call (916) 519-7112 to Schedule a Fire Safety and/or Basic First Aid Training Course for You and Your Staff. We are Always Only One Phone Call Away from providing Your Business the Best Professional Fire Protection Services in Northern California!

First Responder Emergency First Aid Kit (158 Pieces)

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We use well known and industry standard Brand Name Manufactures like ( - ) and who manufacture the PYRO-CHEM Detection & Control Equipment like the for Restaurant Exhaust Hood Ventilation Duct . We also support Commercial Manufacturing Plants and Painting Business who would us Pyro-Chem's .

If your Business is located in Northern California and You Need Professional Fire Code Protection, Inspection & Certification Services, Give Us a Call (866) 584-3473. We have all the Fire Protection Services Your Business Needs to Get and Stay Fire Code Compliant!