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is a Professional Company that keeps Business Owners in Fire Code Compliance by resolving current Fire Code Violations and Planning ahead when Designing Effective or Retrofitting Currently Installed Systems. Yet, the optimal way for a Business Owner to ensure their Business is always Fire Code Compliant is to conduct regularly scheduled Inspections and having all their , , and Regularly Maintained by a Licensed Professional Fire Protection Service like CFS Fire Protection, Inc. Read More About

delivers Professional , and all the Services a Business needs to maintain their throughout , down the Coast to Carmel, from Modesto to Sacramento, up to Redding and east to South Lake Tahoe California. We are optimally established in the surrounding cities of , Cameron Park, Carmichael, , , Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, , , Gold River, Granite Bay, , Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Redding, , , , , , , West Sacramento, Woodland, , and in the Central Valley and Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Walnut Creek in the Bay Area including all the cities in-between. If your Business is located in Northern California, Just Give Us a Call (866) 584-3473 to get All Your Fire Protection Service Needs Covered!

Fire Protection Services in Northern California

Professional Fire Protection Inspection & Certification Services

Do You Have A New Business Needing A Professional Fire Protection Service?

New Customers Can Get Their Initial Fire Code Compliance Inspection and Estimate for FREE!

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We provide Onsite and Live Fire Demonstration customizable to the unique requirements of your Business and Fire Extinguisher Equipment. Our Onsite Live Fire Demonstration and hands on Fire Extinguisher Training is designed to prepare your Staff to effectively and properly use your Fire Extinguisher Equipment.

Call (866) 584-3473 for more information about our Onsite Fire Extinguisher Training Course and Scheduling. Once we know what Fire Extinguishing Equipment your Business is using and the Facility your Business is in, we will create the Fire Extinguisher Training Course specifically covering your Staffs Fire Extinguisher Training Requirements.

Is Your Staff Properly Trained to Use Your Fire Extinguisher Equipment?

If Not, Schedule Our On-Site Live Fire Demonstration Extinguisher & Systems Training Today!

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CFS Fire Protection, Inc. not only has the Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suppression Systems Equipment and Professional Fire Protection Services your business needs to get and maintain its Fire Code Compliance, we also can provide several configurations and sizes of FIrst Aid Kits, First Aid Equipment and First Aid Kit Restocking Supplies.

We also provide and install items like the First Aid Kit Supply Cabinets to securely hold the First Aid Kits and Equipment until they are needed. Just give us a Call (866) 584-3473 to let us know what you need and we will come out in take care of all your First Aid Kit and Supply needs.


CFS Fire Protection, Inc. has Expertly Trained and Licensed Fire Protection Service Technicians who are available to fulfill all Your Commercial Fire Protection Service needs. Give us a call at (866) 584-3473 if you have any questions about our Professional Fire Protection Services and for Scheduling our Services.

When was Your Last Fire Extinguisher & Fire Suppression Systems Inspection?

Not Sure, Be Proactive and Get Your Fire Extinguishers & Fire Suppression Systems Inspected Today!

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Emergency Fire Protection Services

In Urgent and "Life Threatening Situations", you should immediately call your Local Authorities. Services related Emergencies, click "Emergency Services" to Email or Call (866) 584-3473.

Be sure to Text us specific details and send us Photos and Short Videos about issues surrounding the Emergency Situation. Your Photos and Short Videos give us more insight into the details often missed an email, a text and even in conversation.

The more information we have, the better we can develop solutions to get you back to running Your Business and not worrying about Fire Code Compliance issues.