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is a Professional Company conducting compliant Services enforced by the to Inspect, Test, Maintain, Repair and Certify Street Access Fire Hydrants Fire Code Compliant.

All Fire Hydrants are required to be Inspected, Tested and Maintained on a regulated schedule conducted every Annually with additional inpection criteria every Five (5) Years in accordance with Fire Code Inspection requirements. These Inspections and Testing are required to be conducted by a Licensed Fire Protection Services Technician to remain in Fire Code Compliance to help ensure the Fire Hydrant Systems will function properly when it is necessary to fight Structural Fires and save lives.

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delivers Professional , and all the Services a Business needs to maintain their throughout , down the Coast to Carmel, from Modesto to Sacramento, up to Redding and east to South Lake Tahoe California. We are optimally established in the surrounding cities of , Cameron Park, Carmichael, , , Davis, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, , , Gold River, Granite Bay, , Orangevale, Rancho Cordova, Redding, , , , , , , West Sacramento, Woodland, , and in the Central Valley and Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Walnut Creek in the Bay Area including all the cities in-between. If your Business is located in Northern California, Just Give Us a Call (866) 584-3473 to get All Your Fire Protection Service Needs Covered!

Fire Protection Services in Northern California

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Fire Hydrants are installed in strategic areas along the Streets and Sidewalks in every City in Northern California to supply water to fight Fires, to save lives and to reduce the damage caused by Structural Fires. Most Fire Hydrants are designed to release large amounts of water when a firefighter attaches a fire hose and opens the main water valve. CFS Fire Protection, Inc. has highly trained Fire Protection Service Technicians who are experts in providing , Maintenance and Testing which includes the NFPA-291 Five (5) Year Hydrant Fire Inspection and Fire Code Compliance Certification.


All Fire Hydrants are required to be inspected by a Licensed Fire Protection Professional on an Annual and Five (5) Year Schedule to ensure Compliance with NFPA-291 Fire Code Regulations. The Annual Fire Hydrant Inspection consists of a Visual and an Operational Inspection of the Fire Hydrant Components ensuring the Valves, Stems, Caps, Seals and Threads are Operational, Lubricated and Undamaged. The Annual and Five (5) Year Fire Hydrant Inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance are essential to a maintaining a Fire Hydrants Fire Code Compliance and are necessary to ensure that any damage to the system is repaired so it will function as designed when needed.

Annual Fire Hydrant Inspections

Inspections are to be conducted by a Licensed Fire Protection Technician.
  • Operational & Visual Inspection of the Hydrant Components
  • 36" Cleared Space Surrounding the Fire Hydrant
  • Standpipe Outlets are 14" - 24" Above Grade & Accessable
  • Hydrant is Marked/Colored & Easily Located in Emergencies
  • A 75' 1 1/2" Hose on a Rack or Reel or in a Cabinet Marked "FIRE HOSE" in 4" High Contrast Lettering.

Five (5) Year Fire Hydrant Inspection

The Five (5) Year Hydrant Fire Systems Inspection includes all of the Inspection Criteria and Testing Requirements of the Annual Fire Hydrant Inspections, plus the Additional Inspection Requirements below:
  • Fire Hydrant Water Flow Test
  • Barrel Size or Riser Diameter Measurements in Inches
  • Water Flow Measured in Gallons Per Minute
  • Residual Pressure Test Measured in Pounds Per Sq Inch

* All Deficiencies that are discovered during an Annual or Five Year Inspection must receive prompt repairs in accordance to NFPA-291.

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Emergency Fire Protection Services

In Urgent and "Life Threatening Situations", you should immediately call your Local Authorities. Services related Emergencies, click "Emergency Services" to Email or Call (866) 584-3473.

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