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is a Professional Company conducting compliant Services enforced by the to Inspect, Test, Maintain, Repair and Certify all your Commercial Fire Suppression Systems Fire Code Compliant. All Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems are required to be Inspected and Tested on a regulated schedule conducted every Quarter (3 Months), Annually and then the . These Inspections and Testing are required to be conducted by a Licensed Fire Protection Services Technician to remain in Fire Code Compliance to help ensure the Commercial Fire Sprinkler System will function properly when it is necessary to fight Structural Fires and save lives.

We do this by resolving any current Fire Code Violations and Planning ahead by Designing Effective Commercial Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems or Retrofitting Currently Installed Sprinkler Fire Systems. Yet, the optimal way to ensure a Business is always Fire Code Compliant is to conduct regularly scheduled Inspections having their Commercial Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems Equipment Maintained by a Licensed Professional Fire Protection Service like CFS Fire Protection, Inc.

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Commercial Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems are Automatic Fire Suppression Systems and they are installed in every Commercial Business Structure to save lives and reduce the damage caused by Structural Fires. Most Sprinkler Fire Systems are designed to automatically release the Extinguishing Agent, usually water, when the system is activated by the heat of a fire. The Quarterly, Annual and Five (5) Year Inspections are mandated to be conducted by the California State Fire Marshal in accordance to California Title 19: Public Safety who adapted the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Commercial Sprinkler Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems as a California Standard and NFPA 25 Chapter 5.1 for reference on Testing Criteria for Inspections, Testing and the Frequencies they are conducted.

has highly trained Fire Protection Service Technicians who are experts in providing a Full Suite of Fire Protection Services to help Business Owners with the Commercial Sprinkler Fire Suppression System Inspections, Maintenance and Testing which includes the and Fire Code Compliance Certification.


The Business Owner should have regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance servicing to ensure that their Sprinkler Fire Protection System is always operational and capable of extinguishing an unexpected Structural Fire. The Quarterly and Annual Inspection will include Visual and Physical Inspections or all of the Fire Suppression System's Equipment and Integrated Devices to ensure that the system is not damaged and functioning as designed. These Inspections, Testing and Maintenance tasks are essential to a business becoming Fire Code Compliant and are to be conducted by a Licensed Fire Protection Services Technician.

Quarterly & Annual Sprinkler Inspections

Inspections are to be conducted by a Licensed Fire Protection Technician.
  • Testing of All Alarms and Integrated Devices
  • Testing of All Valves, Hose Connections and Lubrication
  • Visual Inspections of All Sprinkler Heads, Gages, Bracing and Hangers
  • Inspection of Main Sprinkler Water Drain & Underground Piping

Five (5) Year Fire Sprinkler Inspections

The Five (5) Year Sprinkler Fire Systems Inspection includes all of the Inspection Criteria and Testing Requirements of the Quarterly and Annual Inspections, plus the Additional Inspection Requirements below:

  • Back-Flushing All Connections (FDC) Inspect/Test
  • PRV and Valve Inspect/Test

* All Deficiencies that are discovered during a Quarterly, Annual or Five Year Inspection must receive prompt repairs in accordance to NFPA-25 Chapter 25: