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Fire Extinguisher, Kitchen & Sprinkler Systems Inspection, Chapala Taqueria, Gilroy, CA

Provider:     CFS Fire Protection, Inc. Professional Fire Protection Services

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Reviewer:     , Vajrayana Foundation, 2013 Eureka Canyon Road, Corralitos, CA 95076
Rating:         5 of 5 Stars!
Recommendation:  We Highly Recommend CFS Fire Protection, Inc. Their Professionalism is First Rate!
Reviewed Service:  , 8102 Wachtel Way, Orangevale, CA 95662 is a providing Annual , & , , and & throughout Northern California.

Customer's Review:
Excellent follow-through and customer services. They did a Great Job Installing our New Kitchen Fire System! Their knowledge and ability was very impressive as they got our new systems installed ready to go.

CFS Fire Protection, Inc. arrived today to install our new UL-300 Kitchen Fire Suppression System Upgrade and installed a new K-Type Kitchen Fire Extinguisher for us. They also did our , our , our and they provided us our all in the same day!

We Highly Recommend CFS Fire Protection, Inc.! Their Professionalism is First Rate!

- Peter Martin, Owner of the Vajrayana Foundation,

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