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CFS Fire Protection, Inc. is a Professional Fire Code Compliance Inspection, Testing and Certification Company providing () compliant and enforced   throughout Northern California. Because our Customers are located all over Northern California, we have separated our by the Local Cities where our Customers have their Businesses and all the following Reviews are from Customers in the City of Placerville, CA where Services like our or our  were performed.  More About

Our Website () is Mobile Smartphone Friendly and you can always give us a call at (916) 519-7112 to ask questions and schedule Services to help keep your Business in and We are Really Only a Phone Call Away! We also provide Onsite Live Fire Demonstration to give your staff hands on experience operating the as well as the proper methods to activate and that can help Protect Your Business!

Fire Protection Services in Placerville, CA

  • Fire Extinguishers: Annual Inspection, Certification, Recharge, Testing & Maintenance

  • Restaurant Kitchen Fire Systems: Inspection, Certification, Recharge, Testing & Maintenance

  • Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems: Inspection, Certification, Testing & Maintenance

If your Business is located in Northern California and You Need Professional Fire Code Protection, Inspection & Certification Services, Give Us a Call (916) 519-7112. We have all the Fire Protection Services Your Business Needs to Get and Stay Fire Code Compliant!